Story - Who We Are

Hybrid is a progressive glazing company founded with the objective to deliver strong project management, build strong links with our clients and provide competitive tendering.

Hybrid is an associated company of Novas Architectural and are in the unique position to draw on the experience, reputation and high level relationships that Novas Architectural are known and respected for.

Hybrids success is driven by functioning self- managed work teams, self-leadership, satisfied customers and stronger customer relationships.

Culture - What We Do

Energised people and a forward thinking, solution based workforce drive Hybrids culture.

Hybrid project teams enjoy taking a new idea or a new process and working out how to apply it, develop it or produce it.

Our people have developed a trusting, open culture where employees can be heard and ideas are expressed freely in open forums.

We are serious about demonstrating the value of our culture.

Innovation - Aims & Aspirations

Hybrid is dedicated to being a leader for innovation in its field.

Hybrid believes best ideas come from experience by identifying niches ignored, exploring emerging opportunities on the edge of business and technology, creating new ways of delivering products or services and doing business better, cheaper and faster.